I’ve made a new blog! It’s been several months since I was last posting. This new format is an attempt to find a sweet spot around the axes of formality, ease-of-input, and structure.

I’ve experimented in the past with a traditional list of posts and a running single page of notes. I’ve recently been inspired by Jinny’s blog which treats categories as the main index into posts. Here I’ve listed the categories first while keeping a date index too.

For the implementation, I’ve got a flask app running locally that allows me to edit these posts in a WYSIWYG fashion. It’s a single button to create a new post and a single button to deploy a static build to cloudflare.

The flask app is managed by launchd, which I’ve been impressed by and will try to blog about in the future.

Anyways here’s an index of my previous writing:

• 2023-2023 — notes.inclouds.space

• 2022-2022 — forest.inclouds.space

• 2021-2023 — original.inclouds.space

• 2015-2018 — charlesetc.inclouds.space

All the best,