I’ve really enjoyed the just tool recently. (link)

I used to make a makefile at the root of each project I work on. This can be nice since it’s language agnostic: I don’t have to worry about distinguishing between cargo or npm, I can just run make test to test.

But I’ve kept my eyes open for something better and just has finally hit. My favorite features are:

• You can pass arguments to recipes from the command line:

just your-recipe arg1 arg2

• You can write recipes in any language, not just Make or Bash.

• You can specify a directory prefix to your target so just dir/test is the same as running cd dir && just test

• It’s just for running commands. Since make is a build system it caches output by default if there’s a file matching the target, giving the need to mark rules as .PHONY. just has no such requirement.

That’s all!